The aim of the Motorcycling Is campaign is to promote diversity and inclusion in the motorcycling world and to show that motorcycling is for everyone. Motorcycling Is is an umbrella campaign to bring everyone together in the 2-wheeled industry to promote sharing, equality and inclusiveness amongst the passionate individuals who constantly strive to build a more global and comprehensive motorcycling community.

Geographic territories

Worldwide online campaign


6000 €


Start date 14/05/2022 Video premier Speedway GP Warsaw
17/05/2022 Press release and social media activation
End date Ongoing project


Polish Motorcycle Federation , Discovery Sports Events


Online / social media

Action Plan

The video premier of the Motorcycling Is campaign is taking place 14 May 2022 at the Speedway GP in Warsaw, Poland. Here spectators will have the privilege to see the video for the first time on the big screens of the stadium. The campaign will be launched on the following Tuesday 17 May 2022 when the FIM will publish a press release about the campaign and the first video will be shared on social media. All the riders joining the campaign will share the video on their social media channels. All the fans and people involved in motorcycling are invited to reveal in their social media channels what motorcycling means to them either with pictures or videos and with the tag @FIMwomen and by using the hashtag #MotorcyclingIs.

During the year FIM will publish more videos where top riders, officials and people involved in motorcycling will share what motorcycling means to them


The objective of the campaign is to unite people around the world by making motorcycling more equal, inclusive and diverse and to fight against any kind of discrimination.

Anticipated outcome

Beside aiming to make motorcycling world more inclusive, the campaign will also activate people to raise awareness of different roles in motorcycling and provide more visibility for the motorcycling activities.