The International Foundation for Motorcycling
was formed with a clear purpose:

To promote and support internationally the development of motorcycling and the interests of the worldwide motorcycling community.

This single statement alone is not sufficient to express the wide scope and ambitious nature of the organisation, but hopefully the sheer extent of the work that will be undertaken and covered by the IFM can be better understood by listing the main areas of focus as below:

1. The safety and health of riders, users and other persons involved in motorcycling.

2. The enhancement of sporting fair play and integrity through education and training.

3. Support and education of motorcycle event volunteers, officials and organisers.

4. Road safety and mobility connected to motorcyclists, and awareness of the issues that they face.

5. Environmental impact and sustainability – and how to use motorcycle sport to create awareness and bring lasting and measurable improvements.

6. The promotion and growth of Women in motorcycling, covering sport, leisure and organisations from local to international levels.

7. The preservation and promotion of all forms of motorcycling legacies, including the creation of a museum and a hall of fame.

8. The backing of motorcycling in the widest sense, and the protection of any associated interests be that social, legal, political or otherwise.

9. The development of socially responsible initiatives including both charitable and humanitarian projects, in order to further the promotion of motorcycling in general.


Your contribution
will make a real difference

What ever you can afford to donate will be warmly and gratefully received. Thank you.