The first day of the 2023 FIM Commissions Conference started with a Plenary Session for the Superlicence Seminars participants, three hundred and fifty split between Clerk of the Course and Commissions’ Members, the most experienced Officials acting during a sport event.

During the afternoon each Commission has run their specific Seminar focusing on their discipline.

Geographic territories

All FIM Clerk of the Course and Commissions’ Members


5.000 €


Friday 10 February


Action Plan

Activities / Events:
The four hour plenary has been an occasion to share the experience of four Case Studies in different disciplines: MXGP Motocross, FIM World Sidecar Championship, MotoGP and TrialGP.

Then the Motocross Commissions has shared their experience in the organisation of their Superlicence, a full-day during a real event to experience the real situation.

The second half of the morning saw a key-note speech from Iain Campbell, FIA European Rally Championship Manager about “Motor-sport competitions’ decision-making process – perspectives and implications at national and international level” followed by a roundtable with Iain Campbell and FIM Race Directors: David Rodgers (Trial), Pedro Mariano (Enduro), plus Ingo Partsch and Jiří Šitina (Motocross).


Starting from Case Studies until a roundtable on a specific leadership topic, the plenary has been a platform to foster a safe environment for learning and knowledge sharing.

Anticipated outcome

The Officials will learn from colleagues from different disciplines, improving their way of working and developing leadership skills.

The Commissions will also have the opportunity to exchange with other Commissions the best practices.