The International Transport Forum is an OECD forum comprising sixty-four nations. It hosts a summit of transport ministers in Leipzig every year in May. In 2023, FIM’s Commission for Mobility (CPM) will become a lead sponsor for this event. We will use this platform to promote motorcycles as a solution for many urban mobility problems as well as address some of the concerns that motorcycling has created for policy makers.

Geographic territories



100.000 €


24- 26 May 2023


Vmoto, ACEM, Piaggio, Yamaha, BMW, Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium and IMMA

Action Plan

We are planning to have a large stand at the event with a variety of current electric motorcycles and scooters to demonstrate the state of the technology and to show that “the future” is actually much closer to hand. We are also planning to take advantage of the various speaking opportunities to support this message.


Demonstrate the value of motorcycling, particularly in urban mobility.

Anticipated outcome

Opportunities to engage directly with transport ministers and senior civil servants about motorcycling.