In 2021 the governing body co-organised an International Transport Federation workshop on motorcycling. This created some high-level recommendations and actions to ensure motorcycling was more sustainable and safer using the ‘safe systems’ approach. This workshop had a global focus, but it is apparent that some of the recommendations need to be made more specific to work better on a regional and local level. Therefore, this workshop aims to create those recommendations for Latin America. Future workshops will aim to do the same thing in other regions of the world.

Geographic territories

Latin America


40,000 €




International Transport Federation, FIM Latin America


An in-person conference/workshop in 2023 in Latin America.

Action Plan

The workshop is planned to take place in 2023. This will be an in-person event and likely to take place in Bogota Colombia. To plan this, it will need to undertake various meetings with partners and find additional partners. Those new partners will likely come from industry and regional and local governments as well as potentially from the Latin American Development Bank. Meetings will need to take place in 2022 to ensure that those partners are able and willing to work on this project.


To improve road safety and sustainability in the Latin America region.

Anticipated outcome

A comprehensive set of recommendations that work at a regional level as a template for similar events around the world.