The new academy e-learning platform has been conceived to support the National Federations in their learning activities. A webinar has been organised to present the platform, its possibilities of development for the National Federations education programs.

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Webinar to promote the platform to the National Federations

Action Plan

During the webinar it was promoted the opportunity to create sections on the platform open only to selected members in order to share specific content. This option can be used by the National Federations to share the content of their programs or events.

The platform has a section open to everybody providing information about the story of the international governing body, the governance and the sport disciplines. Other sections are accessible only to users with specific rights based on their profile. For example, a section is dedicated to the Seminar participants who can access some content before attending the Seminar.

Another section is dedicated to the members of FMNs and CONUs and it provides support and information to their daily activities. The material can be used for the induction of new employees and members, to learn new procedure or tools. The material has been conceived to provide support when creating any sporting or non-sporting commissions at the national and international level.

The platform offers also the opportunity to watch the recordings of all the webinars organised by the international governing body in the past months. The FIM is continuously creating new content to enrich the platform and there will be also more courses for the mototrcycle family members to develop their skills.

The material on the platform can be translated in more than 100 languages using the feature developed by Google Chrome.


Support the Federations who cannot afford a person fully dedicated to education projects or even a LMS (Learning management system) to storage the material of the programmes.

Anticipated outcome

The National Federation can create their own area on the platform, creating Courses linked to seminars, workshops, congresses or any other event that may require the storage and sharing of documents.