If you can´t see it – you can´t be it. Girls and women still these days lack role models from the motorcycling world. Many girls are often automatically guided to do traditional girls´ hobbies and sports because they or their parents don´t know anything else. Therefore, it is important to provide the next generation an opportunity to choose other options as well.

Geographic territories

Worldwide online campaign


5000 €


Start date Video launch autumn 2022



Online only

Action Plan

In this inspirational video the top women of motorcycling like 20 times world champion Laia Sanz, 7 times world champion Emma Bristow, 6 times world champion Kiara Fontanesi and Ana Carrasco – the only woman to win a world championship against male competitors are sharing a strong message: “If I can do it – You can do it!” The video also demonstrates with a dynamic music different motorcycling disciplines. The video will be shared on different social media channels starting from autumn 2022.


The objective of the campaign is to attract and inspire girls (and women) to join the world of motorcycling and to provide them role models from motorcycling sport.

Anticipated outcome

Motorcycling sport would come more familiar and attractive to girls and women and will provide them more opportunities beside the traditional “girly” sports.