The main purposes of this project are as follows:
– To raise the level of riders within the participating federations
– To stimulate more riders to participate in national and international championships
– To create awareness of Women’s Trial within the organising federations
– To help emerging Trial countries
– To educate trainers and coaches


Geographic territories

Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic


1000 €


Start date 23/07/2022  End date 24/07/2022


Germany Motorcycle Federation

Action Plan

A well-structured and planned two-day training course will be delivered by qualified instructors to the participants, taking special note of the different ability levels and individual needs of each rider.


Recruiting suitable candidates – the primary target group will be girls and women riding on a national level, not yet able to compete in World Championship sections. Riders already on a World Championship level will also be most welcome to attend – and perhaps contribute to the training of the primary target group in addition to being trained on their own level. The camp will be open to riders from other national federations, especially for riders from emerging Trial countries.

Anticipated outcome

Beside aiming to make Trial more popular, the training camp will also activate people to raise the level of each participant. To bring world championship rider together with participants on national level can bring use more future participants at TrialGP.