The 2022 International Women´s Day theme was #BreakTheBias in which the Women in Motorcycling Commission participated in by presenting several women involved in motorcycling with their different roles, cultural backgrounds, age etc. to raise awareness against bias and stereotypes. The next step of the #BreakTheBias campaign will take place in May when five Arabic countries will each organise a dedicated event for women with the support of the Women in Motorcycling Commission in order to raise awareness of Arabic women involved in motorcycling.

Key Facts

Geographic territories

Events in Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia and Qatar Worldwide online campaign


4000 €


Start date: 20-3/05/2022  End date: tbc


National Motorcycle Federations – Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia and Qatar


20/05/2022 Arabic Women´s Ride Out, Jordan
21/05/2022 Arabic Women´s Ride Out, Lebanon
tbc/05/2022 Arabic Women´s Ride Out, Bahrain
tbc/05/2022 Arabic Women´s Ride Out, Qatar
tbc/05/2022 Arabic Women´s Ride Out, Saudi Arabia

Action Plan

On 20 May 2022 the second phase of the Women in Motorcycling Breaking the Bias will begin adding to the online campaign that started on International Women´s Day 8 March 2022. This will be launched in Jordan where a parade ride of female motorcyclists will take place. During the day a road safety training session will be also organised for the women and they will be interviewed for a documentary that will be premiered at a later date. After Jordan similar events will be organised during the same weekend and throughout the following week in Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. All the countries will provide pictures and videos to be shared on FIM Women social media channels.


The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness of women involved in motorcycling no matter from which culture or country they come from, but also to break the traditional stereotypes by showcasing that women are active in motorcycling also in countries where rest of the world thinks it is not possible for them to do so.

Anticipated outcome

To make people to understand that women all over the world are welcome to join motorcycling activities no matter what their background is.