What does it mean being a leader in a sports federation? What are the attributes and role of an authentic leader? These and many other questions will be discussed during the Leadership Path 2022-2023.

This leadership path has been designed to explore with senior leaders some of the most important themes and topics that are emerging today in a business world that has changed greatly. The aim is to provide tools and tips to strengthen leadership skills as well as provide a forum for the exchange and sharing of best practices.

Geographic territories

All General Secretaries of National Federations and Continental Unions


30.000 €


02/2022 – 07/2023


HumanForce strategic consulting, training and coaching company, Switzerland

Action Plan

The first workshop, delivered in February 2022 in the framework of the Commissions Conference, was focusing on “Leading through Change”: promote a Growth Mindset, develop Culture for Innovation and Psychological Safety, equipping the participants with the tools to build Motivation in their team.

The second workshop, held in July 2022 in the framework of the FIM Europe Congress in Bucharest, focused on “Building Engagement and Trust”. Facilitated by an external expert in leadership, the workshop contained group and individual exercises and discussions, which allowed over thirty attendees to reflect, exchange and network around some key subjects for a Leader: building trust, connecting the team to the purpose and vision, being an Authentic Leader and the Importance of Praise.

The third workshop that took place in February 2023 during the Commissions Conference in Lille (France) tackled an important leadership subject: “Developing a Caring Environment for Success”.

After looking at how expectations of care and emotional support have changed at work, the moderator guided the group to explore how to demonstrating empathy and become an active listener.

The workshop also explored the coaching skills as well as how to express recognition and appreciation to become an effective leader.


All General Secretaries of National Federations and Continental Unions are invited to attend a two-year learning journey.

The objective of the Leadership Path is to equip them with the skills and toolset required to strive in times of volatility.

Anticipated outcome

With this project the FIM Academy would like to support the development of the FMNs (National Federations) and CONUs (Continental Unions) starting with their leaders.

The workshop also provides a forum for the exchange and sharing of best practices.