The International Foundation for Motorcycling (IFM) Board met at the Grand Hotel in Rimini (Italy) on 4 December 2022 in the framework of the FIM General Assembly and FIM Awards.

On this occasion, the Foundation Board addressed several topics, in particular the following:

Foundation Board: The IFM Board Members were re-appointed for a four-year term with the following composition: Mr Jorge Viegas, as President-in-office of the Founder, serves as President; Mr Guy Maitre, FIM Family Legend and former FIM CEO, was re-appointed Vice-President; Ms Emilie Westbye, Norges Motorsportforbund (NMF) President; Mr Martin De Graaff, former FIM Europe President and Mr Giacomo Agostini, multi-time world champion Grand Prix motorcycle road racer were re-appointed as IFM Board members.

Contributors’ Advisory Council: In recognition of its major contribution to motorcycling and to the Foundation, Dorna Sports SL, represented by its CEO, Mr Carmelo Ezpeleta, who attended the meeting, was re-appointed President of the Contributors’ Advisory Council; Discovery Sports Events, represented by the Head of Discovery Sports Events, Mr François Ribeiro, was re-appointed Member of the Council, both for a one-year period.

Finance: It was reminded that the 2021 IFM Management Report had been approved by the IFM Board as well as the Swiss Supervisory Authority. The 2022 year-end forecast was presented to the Board and the 2023 budget was unanimously approved.

2022 & 2023 activities: A progress report on the 2022 activities and donations was presented. Discussions on upcoming initiatives and projects were addressed such as the participation in the “Women in Motorsports Conference” taking place in London on 12 December 2022 and the International Transport Forum Summit to be held in May 2023, which will be attended by IFM President as well as transport ministers from across the globe. The issue of sustainability was also addressed with discussions on energy transition and in particular eco-fuels. A focus was made on the work and efforts deployed by peer bodies and organisations on riders’ safety and mainly on concussions in motorsports.

Fundraising: Fundraising initiatives and strategy were also addressed with a focus not only on motorcycling partners such as promoters and manufacturers but also on diversified stakeholders. The visibility provided by the Foundation to donators was also discussed.

Furthermore, the IFM remains engaged in and committed to caring for road safety and mobility programmes, education & training, environment protection, promotion of women in sporting structures, social and historical legacy of the FIM and motorcycling activities, in line with its mission and vision.