One of the aims is to encourage and sustain formation activities which support the development of motorcycling.

Reinforcing the focus of empowering youth by opening its doors to the Sport management schools interested to discover more about the international governing body and its scope of authority and the support it provides to the development of the National Federations.

Geographic territories



2000 €





Presentation by Directors to students.

Action Plan

Students of the Master of Advanced Studies in Sport Administration and Technology Degree from AISTS, a Swiss based school with an international class of around twenty students; and students of the MSc International Sport Management from the Northumbria University, a UK based University were welcomed to the headquarters of the international governing body.

Both schools are running programs in Sport management and the classes are very international.

Directors from the international governing body delivered a presentation with both classes to give an overview of the main areas of focus.


To share mission, values and projects with the students of International Sport Management schools to promote the motorcycling sport.

Anticipated outcome

Promote the motorcycling sport and its values.