The academy continuously works on the development of the e-learning platform to support the Seminars to educate Officials to reach the professionalism necessary during the races.

Geographic territories



40000 €




All Commissions (sport and crosscutting)


Various training sessions / courses.

Action Plan

The platform is a versatile tool supporting the Seminars.

It offers pre-seminar content developed by the Commissions and the academy, to provide content before the Seminar to align the level of the class and have more time to focus on practical cases and questions.

The platform offers the possibility to storage videos, pictures and any additional material that may be useful for the Seminar.

The content on the platform is not only important in preparation to the Seminars but it also at full disposal of the participants if they may want to go through specific subjects before the races.


The objective of the continuous development of the academy e-learning platform is to respond to the needs of the Commissions and the participants being more impactful, accurate and available any time any place.

Anticipated outcome

The Seminars will be an occasion of sharing of experiences, opportunity to have clarifications and ask questions and practice real cases raising the preparation and responsiveness of the Officials during the races.