The FIM aims to bridge the gap and facilitate contact between students of the LUT School of Business and Management who are focusing on sport elective courses with research topics, which may have a greater impact on the development of the international governing body as well as the National Federations.

Geographic territories



8000 €


03/2022 – 06/2022


LUT University


The research outcomes to be presented online.

Action Plan

A survey was sent out at the end of 2021 to all National Federations in order to collect information about their activities, issues and areas of development.

Several research subjects have been suggested by the international governing body academy to the students and the three below have been selected:

  1. How the sport federations could take most benefit / adjust to the new digitalisation trends?
  2. How to promote motorcycle racing among the youngsters?
  3. How to ease the access to motorsport for the guys who don’t have the economical means supporting their talents/passions?

The students had access to the answers of more than one hundred National Federations and they are now analysing the result of the survey and collecting information from the market.

Directors from the international governing body delivered an online presentation with the class to provide an overview of the FIM areas of focus. The students, supported by their faculty, had the possibility to ask questions pertinent to their research topic.


The objective of the project is to support the students to learn how to develop a research process.

The objective of the research is to analyse the data about the National Federations, comparing the results with market trends and propose possible solutions to the FIM and the National Federations.

Anticipated outcome

Explore three hot topics of the motorcycling world.