The main objective of the KiSS Programme is is to encourage organisers to develop sustainable events by framing and amplifying all the environmental actions already put in place by the organisers and incorporating other innovative activities.

Sport is used as a vehicle for promoting collective awareness among all the members of the sporting community to reduce negative environmental impacts and enhance the positive social implications associated with sports events.

The KiSS Programme started its journey with its first edition in Mugello MotoGP in 2013, inspired by Yamaha Motor Racing.
The governing body promoted the KiSS Programme providing support for Mugello Circuit, which decided to host the initiative thanks to the fundamental underpinning of MotoGP promoter Dorna.

KiSS Programme can be implemented regardless:

  • The geography: KiSS has an international scope, from south to north, from east to west.
  • The size of the event: KiSS can fit both small and large events, indoor and outdoor; the impact is always welcome and starts from small steps.
  • The “glamour” of the discipline: KiSS is far from being “sexy” media news; its objective is to involve people.

Geographic territories

Worldwide, applies to all motorcycling disciplines.


30000 € annually


2013 – ongoing


National Federations, Teams such as Ducati, Yamaha, Aprilia, Gresini Racing, Yamaha, Tech3, Dorna, Ecoembes, CocaCola, Circuits, Top riders, IRTA, Initial, JobMetoo, Nexive, Ricrea, FSC, among others


Circuits participants: Valencia, Motorland Aragon, Barcelona, Mugello, Misano, Circuit of the Americas

Cities: Finland Paijäne, Varkaus and Tampere, France: Ambert and Langeac, South America: Chachagüi, Colombia and Atacama, Chile, Italy: Misano and Mugello, Spain: Valencia, Aragon and Barcelona

Action Plan

KiSS does not cost a lot in terms of human and economic resources involved; it can be “designed” ad hoc. Sharing experiences with others can be effective also in reducing efforts, therefore, costs. The KiSS adds value even if it is, for example, a circuit or venue already certified ISO14001-20121/EMAS/LEED or following other environmental, safety and social management systems.  KiSS helps to communicate your achievements responsibly and ethically since all the sectors participate in the programme.


Improve the image and reputation of the motorcycling world.
Inspire spectators and fans through messages conveyed by the Environmental Ambassadors supporting the project.
Obtain the involvement of the entire local community interested in the event.
Empower and expose the environmental actions already in place.
Succeed in ensuring the organisation of the sustainable event.

Anticipated outcome

Sustainable events provide direct financial savings and attract sponsors.
Provide a competitive advantage to attract tenants and entertain clients. Enhances the local economic growth of fans, and spectators experience enhances the fans and strengthens local community ties.
We have covered disciplines such as speedway, rally, supermoto, enduro, the international six days of enduro, motoGP and trial.