For the governing body, Environmental Education aims to raise awareness amongst the community and stakeholders. Therefore, this programme supports them in understanding that the sport generates negative and positive impacts that influence the quality of life and the future of Motorcycle sport as a whole and motivates and inspires this community to do something for the environment. As a socially responsible organisation, the governing body is aware of these impacts. As a part of our sustainability policies, education for the youngest members of our sporting community is one of the most critical priorities. Our concern about the quality of our environment motivates us to invest in the new generation. For the governing body, the young represent a responsibility not only in sporting matters, security, and fair play but also represents for us the responsibility to show them the path to a sustainable sport. Therefore, this programme started to educate our young riders with playful activities in environmental protection and how to apply the environmental code, and how to help the planet by practising their favourite sport.

Geographic territories



5000 € annually


2016 – ongoing


National Federations and Promotors


Ride Green Cup: Mainly during the Junior Motocross World Championship annually.
Enduro moto school in Portugal in coordination with Scuderia Castello Blanco.

Action Plan

The Ride Green Cup is a competition of sustainable actions during the race. The teams must present their action plans and also promote a proper behaviour in sustainability matters and raise awareness amongst its community. The governing body, through CMS and CIE, in coordination with the motocross promotor, open the contest Ride Green Cup for all teams and nations interested in supporting the program ride green, through the participation, accomplishing the environmental regulation, presenting something serious but fun that shows the interest of the team in preserving the nature. Some actions that the jury can consider: Implementation of the environmental code; Use of some resources like posters, t-shirts, costumes, etc.
The aim is to do something fun simultaneously, so the kids are aware and raise awareness among the spectators.
The jury will choose the winner, and the team will receive the trophy “ride green cup”, on the podium, with all media coverage etc.
Additionally, we have supported other events aimed at the junior participants with the Scudería Castello Blanco promoting electric competition, awareness campaigns etc.


  • Organise a competition for participants in the Junior Motocross World Championship. National teams must demonstrate a high degree of environmental awareness through compliance with environmental regulations, creativity and Teamwork to win a place on the podium.
  • Environmental education
  • Respect for the environmental code
  • Teamwork
  • Improving the image of the sport
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of the event
  • Encouraging healthy living
  • Setting an excellent example for the sports community

Anticipated outcome

Event organisers: Russia, Spain, Greece, Australia and Rumania.