The European Union is planning on introducing millions more electric vehicle charging points in the next few years. This is part of the EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ initiative. Historically, charging points have been provided mostly for four-wheeled vehicles and all the planning is around four-wheeled vehicles and their needs. We would like to ensure that those charging points are also accessible to two-wheeled vehicles and meet riders concerns about safety and security. In a world where motorcycling is inevitably going to have to become electric in urban areas, not having access to equal charging facilities presents a significant problem to our activity’s growth.

Geographic territories

European Union


15,000 €




The Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations (FEMA), the European Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ACEM)


We are planning an in-person reception towards the end of 2022.

Action Plan

The governing body’s public affairs team in the EU has been working to influence legislation on charging infrastructure. The primary piece of legislation is the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation. However, we are also working with other partners to find other ways to influence the EU’s activity in this area including working directly with city governments.


To ensure that motorcyclists have access to the same facilities as four-wheel vehicle users and that there is a future for motorcycling within the EU.

Anticipated outcome

Inclusion in legislation or guidance on the installation of charge points across the European Union.