For decades, it has been hard for riders to assess if the voluntary training they buy after passing their test is of good quality or not. There are literally thousands of different courses to choose from. To address this, the European Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ACEM) worked with the German Road Safety Council (DVR) to develop criteria for assessing which training is high quality and will improve road safety. To help promote this scheme and to ensure that every country has a scheme on offer, the governing body has joined with ACEM to help fund those training schools which wish to apply for the label. The scheme has previously received strong praise from the European Commission.

Geographic territories

European Union


15,000 €




European Motorcycle Manufacturers Association (ACEM), German Road Safety Council (DVR)


An in-person conference/workshop in 2023 in Latin America.

Action Plan

Review applications to help ensure a wide geographical spread and continue funding the cost of those applications. Promoting the scheme so that more riders know they can access good quality training.


Ensuring that high-quality training is easy to identify and is accessible to the largest number of people across the EU. Improved rider safety.

Anticipated outcome

A suitable training scheme in every country.