This project was developed at the 1992 Congress in Ohio, USA, with the realisation that the world was changing and that there had to be change to safeguard sporting activities.
The Environment Commission was formed in 1998, and the commission members commenced to deliver seminars, initially to Federations organising Championship or Prize Events.
The delivery of seminars has continued to this day, but now the majority of Federations now understand that the management of the sport must change, so are now actively seeking to take part in seminars.

Geographic territories

There are no geographical limits, sustainability education has been provided to all of the Continental Unions.


10’000 CHF


The project commenced in February 1997 and is still ongoing. In the past ten years the Sustainability Commission Instructors have delivered a total of eighty-six seminars to over one thousand students. The project is scheduled to continue as long as the relevant sporting activities remain in place.


All Sporting Commissions, Continental Unions, Federations, Promoters and Event Organisers.
The Ride Green ambassadors who play a key role in getting the sustainability message across to spectators and fans.
Links have also been developed with the FIA in order to oversee more effectively the management of dual motorcycle / car events


In conjunction with the Administration develop an annual programme of seminars to deal with the specified requirements.
Improving the standard of seminar delivery by ensuring that instructors seek the relevant accreditation in accordance with the timetable.
Deliver seminars as authorised by the governing body.
Update the seminar presentation and supporting documents to reflect the changes agreed by the Board of Directors and ensure that legislative changes are incorporated.
Continue to develop links with external bodies as approved by the governing body.

Action Plan

In the past two years seminars have been delivered “online” and whilst this has brought its own difficulties to manage, it has also caused the development of Academy Modules. This has allowed students to learn about many aspects of the governing body and about Sustainability prior to the date of the seminar.
At the last meeting of the Sustainability Commission Bureau members agreed that training could develop into three strands:

1. Education for license renewals – this would briefly cover the areas of the Administration but deal in depth with the elements of sustainability and have a greater emphasis on practical examples and workshop exercises.
2. Training for first time applicants – this would give in-depth coverage to the Administration matters as well as detailed coverage of sustainability theory and practice.
3. Training for groups not needing a license but needing to understand the principles of Sustainability and respect for the environment. These groups could include members of other Commissions, Promoters, Organisers, public bodies and landowners.


To provide education in an effective way to officials, promoters, organisers and other appropriate parties to secure the long-term future of sporting activities.

Anticipated outcome

To provide education in such a way that the governing body and its partners understand sustainability and its three pillars (Environment, Finance and People) and can continue to promote events in ways which allows mutual respect for these three areas and assist the sporting activities to be welcomed by the communities in which it is practiced.