The ambassadors are men or woman who practice motorcycling in any sports discipline and is close to and identified with humanitarian or social responsible causes, wishing to contribute with his or her image and prestige through messages and other actions to sensitise the sport and non-sport motorcycling community worldwide.

The ambassadors lend their voices and will use their talents and fame to transmit environmental messages previously agreed between the communications and sustainability experts of the governing body. The primary purpose is to educate and create awareness about environmental issues.

One of the main messages is to spread the best environmental practices described in the Environmental code, promote the Motorcycling Sustainability Week, participate in special activities for relevant celebrations and join in the promotional video clips created to raise awareness amongst the community.

Geographic territories



3500 €


2012 – ongoing


Maria Herrera since 2022
Jeremy Sewer since 2021
Marc Marquez since 2012
Laia Sanz since 2012
Takahisa Fujinami since 2012
Alex Salvini since 2014
Pablo Quintanilla since 2019
Greg Hancock since 2016
Randi de Puniet since 2013


Environmental ambassadors collaborate with our media campaigns, as well as in other international events, such as Alex Salvini, who was representing the governing body in the UNEP Assembly. Marc Marquez has also contributed to United Nations campaigns, especially on Environment Day.

Action Plan

Different Campaigns and unique social media supporting World environment day, Earth Day, and Sustainability week. Participation in videos, activities like general Assembly, fairs etc.


Spread the good environmental practices that are described in the Environmental code, the promotion of the Motorcycling Sustainability Week, participation in special activities for relevant celebrations and others; participate in the promotional video clips which will be created to raise awareness amongst the community.

Anticipated outcome

The video Launched starring Alex Marquez and Marc Marquez, supporting the #stopfoodwaste campaign for the environmental day

An example of the outcomes of our programme
Support UNEP World environmental Day 2018
Marc Marquez Twitter 2473 likes 637 RT – Facebook 13,076 likes – Instagram 74,567 likes
Laia Sanz Twitter 124 likes 15 RT – Facebook 3971 likes – Instagram 74,567 likes